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Good afternoon

Our September meeting will be held at CIYMS 91 Circular Road Belfast on Monday 16th September and will commence as normal at 20:00.

Its important to note that this is not the traditional second Monday of the month! Committee has decided to move the date as the National Team are Playing Germany at the National Stadium on the traditional second Monday of the month.

• Instruction of the night will be delivered by David Best. The topic is the changes to handball implemented by IFAB for this season. -1 Monday 5th August 2019 6pm – 7pm

• Training John Cochrane will be on the rugby pitch outside ready to commence physical training at 18:30 sharp. Changing and shower facilities are available as normal. Please show the support the association has show to member training at Ballysillian by supporting this session. This is the only NEURA training session at CIYMS for September. Training at CIYMS continues at it normal pattern from October onwards (2nd & 4th Monday of the Month). Training is also available each Wednesday through the season at the Ballysillian Track, Mount Cool Park off the Ballysillian Road Belfast. Training commences at 18:00.

• Ties & Badges Full order has now been received and both will be available at CIYMS on the night. Tie £10, Badge £4. A limited stock of both will be available from 12th September at McGraths Bar Cliftonville Road Belfast.

• NEURA is 50 Dinner Tickets are selling fast for our Golden Anniversary dinner. Please get your order slip in and your money through to avoid any disappointment as per previous instructions.

•NEURA Development Group Talents & Mentors interested in the development group for the season should forward their desire to be considered by reply. You should also be in attendance at the training session before the September meeting.

• Many thanks

Good afternoon

As you will be aware all matches will be administered via Comet from Season 2019/20 onwards.

To ensure that you are prepared for the new season we have arranged the following schedule of training workshops:

• -1 Monday 5th August 2019 6pm – 7pm

• -2 Monday 5th August 2019 7.30pm – 8.30pm

• -3 Tuesday 6th August 2019 6pm – 7pm

• -4 Tuesday 6th August 2019 7.30pm – 8.30pm

• -5 Tuesday 13th August 2019 6pm – 7pm

• -6 Tuesday 13th August 2019 7.30pm – 8.30pm

• -7 Monday 19th August 2019 6pm – 7pm

• -8 Monday 19th August 2019 7.30pm – 8.30pm

• -9 Tuesday 20th August 2019 6pm – 7pm

• -10 Tuesday 20th August 2019 7.30pm – 8.30pm

• -11 Tuesday 27th August 2019 6pm – 7pm

• -12 Tuesday 27th August 2019 7.30pm – 8.30pm

• -13 Wednesday 28th August 2019 6pm – 7pm

• -14 Wednesday 28th August 2019 7.30pm – 8.30pm

If you have not yet received training in the Comet system please let me know which of the above sessions you wish to attend.

Likewise, if you have previously attended a workshop but would benefit from refresher training please advise which session you wish to attend.

All workshops will take place in the Alan McDonald Room, 3rd Floor, National Football Stadium in Belfast and will be limited to 25 spaces at each session.

Kind regards Tracey

Some important changes/modifications to the LOTG for the coming season


As you may be aware there have been some important changes/modifications to the LOTG for the coming season. We are arranging mandatory LOTG Update sessions for all Junior referees before the 2019-2020 season begins.

I would invite you to the one for the following sessions, all being held at the National Football Stadium, Belfast:-

• - Session 1 – Tuesday 25th June 2019 – 7 – 9 pm

• - Session 2 – Thursday 4th July 2019 – 7 – 9 pm

• - Session 3 – Tuesday 30th July 2019 – 7 – 9pm

• - Session 4 - Thursday 8th August 2019 – 7 - 9 pm

Can you please advise by email which session you would like to attend. If you have any queries then please come back to me. Regards, Andrew

Laws of the game 2019/2020 Click Link to look at Laws of the game for season 2019/2020. .

E-mail:     E-mail Andrew Davy after you have registered

Registration form online

Registration Form .
Online Registration Click Link to register for season 2019/2020. .
How to pay form if you have filled in Form and want details on how to pay. .
How to pay Click to get details on how to pay your fee for season 2019/2020. .

Chairman's Report 2018/2019 Season

Chairman's Report – 2018/19

Dear Members,
As the 2018 / 2019 season draws to another exciting conclusion it brings time for me to reflect on the past 12th months, and what the future holds.
The Committee have been instrumental in putting the appropriate structures in place to support our continued commitment and vision of education to our members at all levels.
On a personal level it remains extremely satisfying that our association continues to attract Elite Guests such as David Ellery and Milord Mazic, all of whom have shown our members a first had insight into the challenges of the modern day game. The Association remains well placed to continue this trend in the coming years whilst continuing to apply education under the guidance and support of The Irish Football Association.
One trend that continues to causes me significant concern is the large number of officials who fail to attend the monthly education provided at CYMS. I would ask for those that continually remain absent from meetings two questions.
1. What education are you receiving?
2. What Edition of the Laws of the Game are you taking your knowledge from?
I feel it's important to be clear that I do not wish to be considered for re election as Chairman of NEURA. I have enjoyed my time in what can only be considered a very privileged position however the time has come for change.
I am confident that the Association is going in the right direction and I am pleased that the relationship with CAFA remains as strong as ever, however after two years a new voice is required to aide the continuous improvement of NEURA.
Special thanks to the unsung hero's in John McKnight, Neil Gillespie, Lawrence Black for their commitment and work behind the seasons throughout the past two years.
Yours in sport

Chairmans Report – 2018/19 Click here for Chairmans 's Report – 2018/19 .

Secretary's Report 2018/2019 Season

Secretary's Report – 2018/19 As another season closes, I reflect on the association's achievements. One of the core objectives of the association is to improve the standard of refereeing in our association. There are a core number of members who engage month on month with the association and it is that core who see the benefit of what we provide. If you are not one of these core people I then ask you to reflect making no apology for repeating a year on year message. Refereeing continues to change. Are you moving at the same pace as this change or are you stagnating? How do you physically and tactically prepare for you game each week? How do you maintain and improve your knowledge of the laws of the game and your fitness? Do you understand how a game should be managed? Do you portray yourself as a proficient and professional match official? Are you giving anything back or is your experience going to be lost to those who need it? If you do not attend our meetings how are you developing? From where and whom are you taking your advice? NEURA is Fifty The North East Ulster Referees Association was founded on 22 August 1969 with the amalgamation of the Ulster Referees Association and the North East Referees Association. Whilst the latter organizations have a far longer history this is a notable milestone. Preparations are well underway to celebrate the associations golden anniversary. More details will be released as they become firm. Development Group NEURA launched its development group early in the season. I thank Andrew Neeson for his time and effort in leading the group. I also thank the Talents and Mentors who took part in the group. Colleagues from Premier league to Junior have engaged to see successful graduation of many Talents and Mentors to the National Development group. Congratulations to all who made it through to the National Group and thanks again to all the volunteer Mentors. Most of the national and county finals reflect panels with strong engagements on both groups which is no coincidence. Training I remind all officials that we are here to provide for you all. We continue to provide training each Wednesday on the track at Ballysillian. The camaraderie is fantastic, and I thank Michael McLaughlin for his time in taking the sessions. I genuinely wish that all officials in the association could attend and experience the benefit of this. Numbers at training at our meetings have increased this season. Two sessions a month now take place. I thank Trevor Moutry at the Irish Football Association providing a dedicated fitness coach to take these sessions and encourage all to attend. Registrations We have improved the digital payment method for your registration fees this season details will be in the North East Review. This is now the only way you can register and pay your fees. I remind you that your fees will rise in line with your grade this season as decided at last year's AGM. Please register by the 31st May to avoid the £10 late payment fee. Thankyou In closing I thank all the people who have given up their time to help in all the activities mentioned above over this season. All the people who volunteer their time. Thanks to the NEURA committee. It is no secret that our Chair Keith Kennedy is stepping down this season. I want to thank Keith for his help over the last two seasons and for volunteering his time to the association. Keith has been instrumental in attracting the high-profile guests to our meetings. That means we will have a new chair for the incoming season. Use your vote carefully at the AGM have a great break and return refreshed for a new season! Yours in sport Neill Gillespie.
Secretary's Report – 2018/19 Click here for Secretary's Report – 2018/19 .


Irish Football Association – Referee Training Plan 2018/19 Click here to IFA Referee Training Plan 2018/19 .
Link to IFA Treadmill Sessions 2018/19 : Click here for Treadmill Sessions 2018/19 .

IFA Referee Fitness Coach

Dear official, Attached in this email is a 30 week running program for all officials across Northern Ireland.

The two documents attached include:

• IFA Referee Training Plan 18/19 • Treadmill Interval Session On page 2 of the 'IFA Referee Training Plan 18/19' there is an overview of the plan which I recommend you read. For convenience I have summarised briefly below what the plan entails:

• 30 week running program beginning this week lasting until April 2019.

• Two scheduled sessions per week - one High Intensity session and one speed related session.

• These sessions will be supported by the introduction of a new fitness coach into each of the four divisional associations.

• Each High Intensity session is tiered into two levels - Top Tier and Developmental Tier.

• Top Tier is aimed at those officials in the top two divisions (Premiership and Championship). Developmental Tier includes all other officials. • However, if you can perform the Top Tier level - please do so.

• If you do not have a pitch to run on there is a alternative 'Treadmill program'.

• The treadmill program uses a basic '2 minutes running / 1 minute rest' ratio.

• The distance of each pitch based High Intensity session is given each week. Using this distance, you can calculate the speed needed to run on the treadmill to match the pitch session. The treadmill program contains a table which calculates the speed and interval number for you with regards to distance ran.

This training plan is subject to change based upon feedback from different associations including you, the official. If there is an updated version, it will be sent through via email.

On Monday 1st October I tried the first session with the Fermanagh and Western officials which went very well. One thing I picked up on was the benefit of the officials training together. So if it suits, try working together in groups to help push each other on. Also, it holds each individual accountable to show up and train etc.

Finally, an apology from myself with regards to the program not being sent out sooner as it is due to start this week. However, week 2 of the plan is the same as week 1 to help familiarise individuals with the plan structure, so it should be no issue... If you have any questions now or in the future contact me, or alternatively contact your divisional fitness coach who will be made known to you within the next few weeks.

Regards, Rory McDonagh IFA Referee Fitness Coach


See details below and attached of the NIRA Charity golf day at Dungannon.

Proceeds in aid of our Nominate Charity the Children’s heartbeat Trust. 8

Contact numbers on the PDF

Download the PDF Flyer 2018

Please contact Ray for more information

The meeting is planned to start as normal at 20:00. Dermot is a former Premier league and FIFA listed official. He has refereed in the European Championships , Euro 96. Dermot also took charge of FA Cup Final the same year between Liverpool and Manchester United at Wembley, which United won by an Eric Cantona goal to nil. Dermot regularly appears on Sky Sports News to discuss the weekends controversial decisions. In addition to this Dermot is also an active public speaker offering advice to younger referees

Training is at 6pm outside. Development group candidates and those aspiring to be candidates should attend this training session.

Everyone is welcome. See you then.

FAO: NEURA REFEREES Ref: Junior Discipline
The Co Antrim FA will now accept Disciplinary Summary Sheets (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD) for all CAUTIONS to fall in line with IFA Discipline procedures.
Please note that DR1’s are still required for DISMISSALS.
The purpose of the new Summary Sheets is to cut down on administration for all parties. One summary sheet per game will only be required rather than separate DR1’s for each caution issued in a game.
The preferred method of receipt of all disciplinary reports is via email. We will still be accepting hand written disciplinary reports via post also. If you have a smart phone you can actually a take a picture of your completed hand written summary sheet and forward via email to immediately after your game. This will save you time and postage!
Download PDF to Print off and Post
Contact the IFA with reference these. It is Mandatary to do one for next season
Refereeing News IFA
If you register for the course now you will be ready and qualified for the start of the 2017/2018 season. There has never been a better time to register and you will get full training on the Laws of the Game, Safeguarding, Practical Refereeing Skills and all aspects of refereeing. There are many opportunities for female referees both at domestic and international level! Once your qualified you can choose from refereeing men's, women's or youth football, dive into the world of Futsal or hold the flag and run the line as an assistant referee! You can register at the link below.
IrishFa Referees
Or for any further information contact